What is an “Eyes Wide Shut Event”?
It is an exclusive, high class Libertine play party organised on an international level in prestigious locations, where one may enjoy oneself in a magic atmosphere, full of mistery.
The best artists, intriguing and engaging music, whispers and glances, liqueurs and sweet fragrances, charming and mystery sceneries, refined atmospheres and a high-level service are only some of the always-present ingredients at our events.
Our Masked Ball Events can have different formats, contents and characteristics; our MUST event is the Gala Masked Ball during the Venice Carnival; baroque costumes with Venetian masks are obligatory requirements.
Which is the profile of people participating to our Parties?
Our international Guests are quality, well educated, respectful, refined, beautiful and charming people.
In order to participate to an Eyes Wide Shut Party do I have to be an approved Member of the Society?
Yes, all our Guests are selected. To become Member of our Society, You need to fill in an application form and be approved by us.
What is the average age of participants to the parties?
The minimum age to participate is 18 years. The average age is between 35 and 50 years old.